PORTLAND, Ore. — Compli recently announced that its dealer clients have surpassed 2.1 million processed policies, trainings and assessments on its dealership compliance management system.

"We are pleased to arrive at this milestone, which is a remarkable 100-percent annual increase for the number of content items processed, tracked and stored on the Compli system," explained Ken Thrasher, chairman and chief executive officer of Compli.

"The growth reflects the ease of use, the new and interesting ways dealers utilize the DCMS and the new-found efficiency and convenience from automating the management of their regulatory compliance effort," he continued.

"Additionally, Compli clients have saved well in excess of $40 million if a recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers estimate is accurate, whereby each document costs $20 to process, manage and store," he indicated.

With nearly 500 dealerships, more than 37,000 auto users and 70 percent growth in 2007, as well as more than 250 attendees for the Jan. 17, 2008, Red Flags online seminar (in partnership with Hudson Cook), Compli said it has proved that its DCMS eases dealership compliance and can allow dealers to enjoy substantial cost savings and streamlined operational benefits.

Furthermore, officials explained that the DCMS is an automated compliance solution that incorporates automotive legal content from subject matter experts like Hudson Cook, Fisher & Phillips and Auto Advisory Services. This data in combined with automated best practices to create turn-key, "good faith" compliance programs for dealerships.

Compli's DCMS can prevent claims and lower overhead, executives said. It can also help automate OEM CSI programs like Toyota Signature, Chrysler 5 Star, CPO/CUV and other OEM related requirements, the company concluded.

For more information, visit www.compli.com.