Allied Finance Adjusters and Recovery Specialist Insurance Group (RSIG) are gearing up to host REPO 2024 from June 24-26 in Fort Worth, Texas.

With a variety of sessions focused on compliance and other best practices, organizers also are planning an awards dinner and fundraiser for the Recovery Agents Benefit Fund (RABF).

Among some of the agenda highlights are:

A Claim’s Been Filed… Now What? Understanding the Claim Process

Boris Liffring, senior claims analyst with Rockville Risk Management Associates, will explain the claims process. The session will cover what agents should know when claims are filed against them, how to best assist yourself and your carrier and the long-term impact of claims on insurability.

Keying in on the Future of Locksmith Services in the Repossession Industry

Donny Seyfer, executive officer of the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF), will project the future of locksmith services in the repossession industry and how agents can set themselves up for success.

And the Verdict Is … Updating State Case Law

Michael Howk, director of education with Recovery Specialist Insurance Group, acknowledged legal terms such as wrongful repossession and breach of the peace are constantly evolving and are defined through changes in case law. With an abundance of litigious debtors and their attorneys, this session will reinforce why it’s crucial to understand how judges, juries and states are responding.

An Independent Contractor May Not Grant You Independence

Taishun Harrington, a stakeholder liaison with the Internal Revenue Service, will host a session since recent changes to the definition of and testing for independent contractor status can greatly impact the repossession industry.

Emerging Challenges of EVs on the Repo Industry

Because of how complex the vehicles are, Dalan Zartman with the Energy Security Agency will share valuable information about how to repossess electric vehicles.

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