NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas — Cypress Software Systems, which specializes in developing automated credit-application decision support technology, recently announced that the company has become a member of the National Automotive Finance Association.

"Our membership with the NAF Association will help us more effectively connect with the non-prime automotive finance industry and share our voice among other thought leaders," commented Stephen Sargent, president and chief executive officer of Cypress Software Systems.

"The membership will also allow us to become more informed on industry trends that will, in turn, help us develop better loan processing technology for the industry," he added.

According to officials, Cypress provides products designed to automate consumer loan applications as well as the decision process. Its Mark IV allows service associates to enter applicant information electronically during the interview process.

The software can then gather credit reports, review repayment sources and arrange the institution's loan policies.

The BizMark program is designed for processing small-business loan applications and can help lenders deal with requests for lines of credit, term loans, corporate leases and corporate credit cars.

Finally, the AppMark software specializing in assisting community banks with assets of $250 million or less can automate all aspects of the consumer loan application process, officials indicated.