Darwin Automotive formed partnerships this week with two other companies in the F&I space.

According to news releases from the firms, both EasyCare and GWC Warranty will be a preferred partner for Darwin’s premier F&I menu system, as well as its digital retailing and consumer self-service tool. With these partnerships, EasyCare and GWC Warranty said they negotiated preferred pricing for their dealers nationwide, giving them access to Darwin’s extensive platform at a substantial discount.

“Darwin’s innovative digital retailing software allows dealers to offer the right F&I products to every customer, based on that buyer’s specific needs,” said Matt McKenna, senior vice president of GWC Warranty and APCO. “Darwin’s platform aligns with our mission to provide solutions for our dealers that generate value for their customers while driving more profit for the dealership.”

EasyCare senior vice president of business performance Dave DeCredico added, “Our goal as a company is to partner with companies that provide a seamless experience for our dealers and their customers.

“Our partnership with Darwin is yet another milestone in our mission to make sure our dealers have access to the most effective tools that generate value for their customers and increased efficiency and profitability for the dealership,” DeCredico went on say.

Darwin Automotive currently operates in all 50 states with more than 6,300 dealerships subscribed to its programs. According to the company, Darwin delivered 504,000 deals on its platform in June and is on track to deliver 6.5 million units for the year.

“We are extremely happy to partner with EasyCare, as it is clear that the customer experience is their top priority. We look forward to helping their dealers create an efficient online experience that provides customers with options to choose the online transaction method that’s best for them, Darwin Automotive chief executive officer Phillip Battista said.

“We are excited to partner with GWC Warranty as it is clear they understand the importance of an integrated shopping experience to help boost business by simplifying the online sales process,” Battista continued. “Enabling their dealers’ sales teams and customers to transact the way they need and want to transact right now, which should increase both CSI and profits.”

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