TORONTO — DealerAccess Canada announced it has launched the eF&I Certified Finance Interface with Reynolds and Reynolds Canada as an enhanced bidirectional interface between the REYNOLDSYSTEM and the DealerAccess portal.

Executives noted that the interface of DealerAccess with the REYNOLDSYSTEM has been officially certified as a Reynolds Certified Interface.

"DealerAccess is pleased to welcome Reynolds and Reynolds to our growing network of partners," said David Trinder, chief executive officer of DealerAccess Canada. "This DMS interface will allow dealers to spend less time re-keying data and more time building their business.

"Connecting the industry is a part of our ongoing commitment to provide dealers with smart solutions to help them save time and increase profits," Trinder added.

Executives explained that the interface of DealerAccess with the REYNOLDSYSTEM will create a more streamlined F&I process for dealerships. It will benefit dealers who currently use Reynolds' F&I products by allowing users to transfer all relevant data and receive data from the DealerAccess portal.

According to executives, this new capability will save significant time and effort and enhance financing-process accuracy while safeguarding consumers' interests in data privacy and security.

DealerAccess is a software solution used within a dealership's F&I office. It electronically connects dealers with a network of 24 national and regional financing sources, allowing for automated credit approvals and faster credit decisions.