LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — DealerTrack Aftermarket Services announced late last week that EasyCare/APCO has entered the DealerTrack Aftermarket Network.

As part of this agreement, DealerTrack Aftermarket Network users can access EasyCare's features for free, officials indicated. Additionally, the company notes DealerTrack online and digital capability can improve in faster finance and insurance processes as well as enhancements in accuracy and duplication avoidance.

"We are very excited about this agreement with EasyCare. They are clearly among the industry leaders in automotive aftermarket services, products and training processes," stated Mark O'Neil, chairman and chief executive officer of DealerTrack.

O'Neil also noted that EasyCare works with close to 3,000 franchised new-vehicle dealers nationwide. Included in these are privately branded programs for such brand dealerships as Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda and Volvo.

"Joining the DealerTrack Aftermarket Network is a great opportunity for EasyCare to enhance the buying/selling experience for both the customer and our dealers. We believe it will drive additional sales growth for our dealers and allow us to provide the best technological processes in the industry," explained Larry Dorfman, chairman and CEO at APCO. |

"Providing real-time data on our available options and pricing for all of our products for each vehicle and deal, plus digital contracting through the DealerTrack platform, will help reduce delays, contract errors and dealership administrative costs," Dorfman continued.

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