defi SOLUTIONS & eOriginal to tackle 4 digital topics during free webinar


Leaders from defi SOLUTIONS and eOriginal are looking for the auto finance industry to take another significant evolutionary step. Just like when participants moved away from using fax machines to complete applications, Georgine Muntz and Theodore Papilliou want finance companies to go completely digital to reduce paper consumption and generate other benefits.

“There are lots of obstacles for many lenders who are considering going paperless that can seem insurmountable,” said Muntz, who is the chief operating officer at defi SOLUTIONS. “But I’ve seen firsthand how technology and process can overcome even the longest list of objections, and in the long-run create more time, accuracy and customer satisfaction.”

On Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET, Georgine Muntz is joining with Papilliou, who is eOriginal’s director of value engineering, for a discussion about the benefits of digital financing. During the free webinar, titled “Decoding Digital Lending for Vehicle Finance,” topics will include:

• How post-signature technology can provide critical visibility into the dealer/finance company transaction.

• How dealers and finance companies can strengthen partnerships with digital technology.

• How to leverage the secondary markets in a fully digital contract environment.

• How to make compliance your competitive advantage.

“With less paper we’ll all take a giant leap toward a better future,” said Muntz, who elaborated more about the potential of saving costs and improving experiences when going paperless in a blog post available here.

“Whether you’ve implemented certain digital lending processes or you’re new to the concept altogether, we invite you to join the webinar,” Muntz went on to say.

Registration for the webinar can be completed here.