SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — After primarily focusing on wholesale lead aggregators, Detroit Trading Co. announced the expansion of its offerings. The company has opened an auto finance lead purchasing platform for both franchised and independent dealers.

Via its Detroit Trading Services arm, the company will now be providing dealers access to this new platform.

"For the last five years we have been building a world-class lead trading platform where wholesale buyers and sellers are able to connect to one another in the most efficient way," explained Pete Bonner, co-founder and senior vice president of Detroit Trading.

"Our plan with DT Services is to provide the dealers with the same type of system for their own lead purchasing, availing them to unprecedented control and pricing efficiency," he added.

Moreover he indicated, "With our DT Services Group, dealers will be able to see for themselves what leads are trading for in a given market and enter a bid to buy the leads accordingly. The efficiency and control the dealer has using our platform will become immediately evident."

To validate all of the leads, the company has teamed up with eBureau.

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