SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Automotive Dealership Institute recently announced that its first edition of the Encyclopedia of Finance and Insurance Management is now available through e-book at a limited-time cost of $49.95.

This document comes in a PDF and covers almost the entire realm of the business in 772 pages.

The executives involved with this publication are Robert Serum, of Northwood University; David Robertson, of the Association of F&I Professionals; Tom Hudson, senior partner with Hudson Cook; Patrick Colbert, First Advantage CREDCO; Marguerite Watanabe, of Benchmark Consulting International; Terrence O'Loughlin, director of compliance with Reynolds and Reynolds; John Walsh, of the Institute for Ethical Behavior; Gary Thomas Fagg, of CreditRe Corp.; Timothy Gill, of Advent Resources; and Bob Conners, of Saturn Auto Consultants.

A few of the topics covered in the table of contents include:

Dealership organization and development

Dealership Trends

Dealership management structure

Dealership terminology

The sales process

New business development

Introduction to leasing

Leasing glossary

How leasing works

Vehicle service contracts

Vehicle maintenance care

An introduction to credit-related insurance

Single premium credit life insurance on installment credit

Single premium credit disability insurance on installment credit

Involuntary unemployment insurance on installment credit


Producers of credit-related insurance

The case for credit-related insurance

Other credit-related insurance

Other credit-related insurance products for installment credit

Premium rates


Automobile insurance

GPS security and tracking system

Vehicle tracking/recovery system

Security code marketing system

Interior and exterior protection

The F&I department: A dealership profit center

Basic finance definitions

Finance and dealership terms

Internet and finance charge calculations

Credit and prime lending

F&I and non-prime lending

And much more

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