On Wednesday, F&I Sentinel announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Express Recoveries from Cox Automotive that was first revealed less than a month ago.

The F&I risk management solutions provider said the entire Express Recoveries team that currently supports the business is now part of the expanded F&I Sentinel team.

Express Recoveries connects finance companies with providers and dealers to process product cancellation refunds, minimizing compliance risk and building consumer and dealer relationships. Its solution can facilitate a streamlined process flow, including initiating cancellations, determining refunds, obtaining recoveries on behalf of consumers and finance companies and helping ensure adherence with mandates, which can vary by state.

Founded in 2018, F&I Sentinel offers comprehensive F&I product compliance platform and managed compliance solutions for the full F&I product lifecycle, from origination to servicing and cancellation.

Its CITADEL platform is used by 16 auto finance companies, including six of the top 10 market-share holders, according to F&I Sentinel.

F&I Sentinel added that its tools are used by more than 600 product companies with a repository of more than 112,000 compliant F&I products.

And now the company officially has Express Recoveries in its portfolio.

“Integrating Express Recoveries into our family supports our long-term commitment to deliver F&I compliance that provides lenders and the auto-financing ecosystem with robust and cutting-edge solutions,” F&I Sentinel CEO Stephen McDaniel said in a news release. “The acquisition not only amplifies our market presence, but further expands our refund solution and provides Express Recoveries clients with access to the full suite of our offerings.

“Our existing network of over 600 F&I product administrators and platform users, combined with Express Recoveries’ expertise in processing cancellations, creates the only compliance solution in the market that covers the entire lifecycle of an F&I product, from origination to servicing. We’re excited to welcome the Express Recoveries team to F&I Sentinel,” McDaniel went on to say.