PORTLAND, Ore. — First Advantage CREDCO recently announced that it has partnered with Compli to offer a complete compliance tool set for dealers and their mutual customers.

First Advantage CREDCO will combine its consumer data with Compli's on-demand compliance management software solutions.

Participating U.S. dealers can benefit from a comprehensive compliance solution that will help them meet local, state and federal regulatory requirements, including the Red Flags Rule that went into effect a the beginning of the year.

The partnership, which became effective Jan. 1, allows dealers to conveniently access, store, manage and monitor reliable consumer data along with regulatory requirements, and take timely action on compliance deliverables.

"We're excited to join First Advantage CREDCO to deliver an efficient, comprehensive compliance solution for our mutual dealer customers," stated Lon Leneve, president of Compli. "Pairing up First Advantage CREDCO's industry-leading consumer data with our compliance management platform will greatly simplify dealers' overall processes and ease their compliance concerns."

Kevin Clements, senior vice president of corporate development for First Advantage CREDCO, added: "Mounting compliance requirements can distract dealerships from their overall sales directive.

"Partnering with Compli enables us to jointly provide a convenient and reliable means to access consumer data and maintain regulatory compliance so dealers can stay focused in this increasingly competitive market," he continued.