POWAY, Calif. — Earlier this week, First Advantage CREDCO announced it is introducing a consumer information decisioning product called Credit Advantage to help dealers.

Offered exclusively from First Advantage CREDCO, Credit Advantage delivers consumer data beyond essential credit scoring indicators, providing key demographic and lifestyle information to help participating U.S. dealers identify the highest quality prospects and maximize profits.

As part of a nationwide awareness campaign, Credit Advantage is being offered free to all First Advantage CREDCO customers from Jan. 7 to Feb. 28, 2009.

Credit Advantage is delivered to dealers along with First Advantage CREDCO's credit reports as part of the Executive Summary. Introduced by First Advantage CREDCO late last year, the Executive Summary is a free value-added decisioning report designed to help its customers quickly reference the most pertinent buyer credit and compliance information, including a summary of all auto and mortgage loan accounts to assist with structuring financing options.

Credit Advantage features include:

—Length of Residence: The estimated length of time a household has been identified at the current address.

—Head of Household Income: A compilation of self-reported sources, as well as modeled outputs based on individual and household demographic data.

—Propensity to Pay: Indicates the household's inclination, probability or ability to pay as agreed.

"Dealers are facing a very different, more competitive automotive market," said Eric Rumsey, president of First Advantage CREDCO. "Credit Advantage helps address the effects of tightened credit demands by giving dealers a new, exclusive business decisioning tool to help them maximize their sales and lending opportunities."

Credit Advantage is powered by a database containing information on over 100 million U.S. households and over 200 million individuals. Data sources for Credit Advantage include self-reported data from over 100 manufacturer's product registrations; public data; records of consumer purchases made by catalogs, over the Internet and in retail stores; and modeled data used to predict information about consumers.

For more information about Credit Advantage from First Advantage CREDCO, visit www.CREDCOservices.com/Advantage or call (866) 270-3563.