BROOKFIELD, Wis. — In an effort to help auto lenders better deal with the turbulent times, Fiserv announced this week that it has integrated its automotive lending solutions with Conquest Systems' WebCEO desktop reporting tool.

This integration is designed to allow auto lenders to generate dashboards and other graphical reports for a better understanding of critical business drivers, statistics and operations, according to officials.

Basically, in such a difficult lending environment, this tool was created to assist lenders in reducing costs and finding new sources of revenue.

Using data from the Fiserv loan origination and servicing systems, WebCEO performance measurement and reporting software can allow auto lending executives to generate graphical management reports, such as average product yield, loan production turnaround times and default risk, which can assist them in managing their business more profitability, the company explained.

WebCEO can also help with comprehensive and customizable desktop reporting, which can leverage and present data from Fiserv loan origination and servicing systems and other databases. This can give clients the ability to access a centralized and normalized data repository to ultimately eliminate historical reporting limitations once caused by multiple platforms, data sources and databases.

"WebCEO was designed to fit the environment of Fiserv Automotive Solutions' clients by using their existing databases, servers, platforms and transformation load tools to reduce costs," explained Joe Willis, president for financial markets at Conquest Systems.

"Optimizing existing technologies can help mitigate the auto lender's risk and simplify the decision to select WebCEO as a standard enterprise reporting tool," he continued.

Lending executives using WebCEO with Fiserv lending systems' data can configure their own reports to create unique views of their enterprise, executives pointed out.

The customized templates and reports may then be stored for future access to ensure consistent reporting over time. As business needs change, officials indicated that the report templates can be easily modified to accommodate additional lending data components, business process alterations and changes in reporting preferences.

"Fiserv is committed to providing products and services, such as the integration of this best-in-case reporting tool, that helps our clients manage overall costs and find new sources of revenue," said Kevin Collins, president of Fiserv Automotive Solutions.

"We believe that in a difficult environment, now is the time for financial institutions to invest carefully in ways that will make them more efficient and responsive to customer needs when the current downturn starts to improve," he added.

Overall, Fiserv Automotive Loan Originations System includes credit and funding components that fully automate the process from capturing credit applications and decisioning credit requests, through booking contracts on an account servicing system.

Basically, the Fiserv Automotive Loan Servicing systems are tailored to the indirect automotive finance industry for lease or loan portfolios.

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