Less than a month after launching its F&I solution, ZipDeal this week unveiled a free eBook the company said was created to help dealers combat the erosion of front-end profits on new and used vehicles with a customer-driven, digital vehicle delivery experience that.

ZipDeal chief executive officer and partner Tony Gomez elaborated about the eBook titled, The Auto Dealer’s Guide to a Profitable, Customer-Driven Vehicle Delivery Experience.

“With dealer front-end profits as low as 3%, dealers have to make it easy for sales representatives to sell more than just cars,” Gomez said in a news release. “This eBook explains how to implement a streamlined, post-sale, pre-F&I vehicle delivery system that puts customers in the driver’s seat for a personalized buying experience. While at the same time introducing additional sales opportunities, like protection products, that often are not presented.”

The eBook also guides dealers through the ZipDeal digital delivery experience, which was created by Lindsay Automotive owner Steve Lindsay. Brought to market by Gomez along with industry veterans Chip King, ZipDeal is designed to link 11 touchpoints between the end of vehicle negotiations and entering the F&I office on one customer-driven interactive tool.

ZipDeal also can lead customers through titling and registration, insurance information, finance and protection products, vehicle features, personal vehicle settings, posting online dealership reviews and more.

Lindsey emphasized the tool can ensure every customer is exposed to every product and accessory every time for additional revenue streams while giving customers a personalized experience and the control they want over the process.

 “We piloted ZipDeal at our two stores and trained sales representatives on accessories and protection products (paint and fabric),” Lindsay said. “Within three months, our protection product sales increased from 5% to 28%, and our reps were earning as much as $3,000 a month in extra commissions.”

The eBook also includes practical steps, tips, and best practices to turn delivery pain points into profit points. An in-depth review of how to prepare a dealership for digital delivery provides instructions for how to establish new processes and systems, get team members on-board and excited about a new tool, and motivate associates to execute.

“There are a ton of studies out there showing that customers want more control over their buying experiences,” King said. “ZipDeal allows them to educate themselves and choose ancillary products at their own pace, which is proven to increase product penetration rates, dealers profits and customer satisfaction.”

Dealers can download the free eBook by going to this webpage.

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