ALAMO, Calif., and LOS ANGELES — Dealerships can now improve their profitability by originating more loans and turning their seasoned loans into operating capital and inventory, thanks to a partnership announced Wednesday between Global Debt Network and CreditSmarts.

"This partnership extends the market reach of both companies," said Mike Sheridan, president of GDNAuto. "Through CreditSmarts, auto dealers have an efficient way to operate their POS programs. With Global Debt Network, dealers who provide in-house financing can convert their seasoned loans into cash."

Sean Ryan, founder and chief executive officer of, added, "With today's economy, many car buyers are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to qualify for an auto loan without help. Increasingly, they are looking to their dealership for a loan, and in turn dealers are seeking ways to obtain faster access to credit and build a broader range of relationships with lenders. By aligning with GDNAuto, we are able to offer our customers yet another way to link with lenders and for both to boost their profit potential." is an Internet-based platform that establishes a real-time connection between dealerships and lenders, giving lenders access to more loan applicants and enabling dealers to expand their customers' credit options, conduct the loan application process and maintain a full-service auto lending operation. 

CreditSmarts routes all pricing offers back to the dealer, enabling both the customer and dealer to select the best loan terms suited to their needs.

Developed and tested in collaboration with dealers, dealer associations and portfolio buyers, GDNAuto uses an innovative system that enables dealers to list and sell the seasoned loans they want to pre-screened banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. 

According to officials, by using GDNAuto, dealers can take control of their seasoned portfolio sales by setting their preferred terms, selecting the buyer with the purchase terms that match a dealer's needs and monitoring the status of the entire process instantly. GDNAuto can even help dealers manage the due diligence paperwork and facilitates closing and funding, all within a confidential, secure environment.

Banks, credit unions, hedge funds and other pre-qualified financial institutions use their own secure GDNAuto filtering tool to specify the types of loans they want to buy.

Investors can review dealership portfolios, select the loans they want and submit a bid for consideration. Once approved, GDNAuto expedites the due diligence process and tracks every aspect of closing and funding to ensure a seamless transaction. 

To date, 20 investors have registered to purchase loans and sellers have listed more than $3 million in auto loans available for purchase, the company indicated.

For more information or to create a GDNAuto account, visit, or call (866) 559-4339. To contact CreditSmarts, visit, or call (888) 345-0918.