GDS Link announced a strategic partnership with Carleton this week.

The potential benefits derive from integrating Carleton’s financial calculations, CarletonCalcs, and lending document generation software, CarletonDocs, within GDS Link’s credit risk decisioning solutions.

CarletonCalcs is a suite of configurable payment calculation and compliance APIs that are designed to integrate seamlessly with lending and leasing applications, supporting product calculation requirements while adhering to compliance at finance company, state, and federal levels.

CarletonDocs can further enhance this integration by offering streamlined document processing, ensuring rapid and compliant document generation and delivery.

The companies said this partnership significantly bolsters GDS Link’s capabilities in data aggregation and responsive decisioning, providing finance companies with a robust solution in credit risk management.

The partnership between GDS Link and Carleton also unites Carleton’s specialized APIs — OriginationPlus, Compliance, and Student Lending — with GDS Link’s Credit Risk Decisioning solutions.

The result is what the companies called a robust, comprehensive lending platform, enabling precise, compliant payment calculations and enhances customer engagement through efficient loan origination processes.

Incorporating advanced models, third-party data, and electronic documentation, the companies said this integrated solution also can streamline underwriting and bolster fraud prevention.

“Partnering with Carleton is a pivotal step in our mission to transform the lending and leasing industry,” GDS Link CEO Lisa Bonalle said in a news release. “Carleton’s innovative CarletonCalcs and CarletonDocs align with and enhance our credit risk decisioning solutions.

“This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to strategic partnerships and our pursuit of excellence, empowering our clients worldwide with the most advanced, compliant, and seamlessly integrated financial solutions,” Bonalle continued.

Matt Ruszkowski is president and COO of Carleton.

“GDS Link and Carleton mutually embrace the importance in providing lenders with precise and compliant payment calculations,” Ruszkowski said in the news release.

“The online lending space continues to grow and evolve which has pressured lenders to adapt. GDS Link’s end-to-end solution allows lenders to capitalize the online market and eliminates the concern of needing to overhaul their existing systems which creates an opportunity to make an immediate impact,” Ruszkowski went on to say.