PHOENIX — Officials from recently broke down the number of bankruptcies awaiting discharge in each state.

"We have been monitoring the steady growth of personal BK cases," said Robert Davies, president of "The good news is our dealer clients are working with lenders like Tidewater, CapOne, AmeriCredit, Wachovia and many others to offer quality subprime loans to these individuals." 

He went on to say that in today's volatile economy, subprime lenders see the advantage in lending to those consumers who have a fresh bankruptcy and can not file again for many years. 

"We have been booking fresh BK deals since the year 2000, and historically they are by far our best-performing loans," explained Dedra Muffley, of Tidewater Motor Credit.

"We are looking to do away with the non-bankruptcy paper or customers who look like they are on their way down. We want the customers that have their problems behind them," she added.

Davies noted, "Currently, chapter 7 bankruptcies represent over 75 percent of all cases being filed with the courts. This fact contradicts previous thoughts that the 2005 law change would force more people into filing a chapter 13 over a chapter 7."

As of January 6, 2009, there are nearly 1 million open bankruptcies being processed for discharge by the United States bankruptcy courts, Davies highlighted.

"In 2009 bankruptcy marketing will continue to prove its value to automotive retailers throughout the United States," he added.

Bankruptcies Awaiting Discharged By State

Alaska: 683

Alabama: 39430

Arkansas: 16981

Arizona: 12310

California: 77530

Colorado: 11902

Connecticut: 3887

District of Columbia: 669

Delaware: 2446

Florida: 45958

Georgia: 75055

Hawaii: 1411

Iowa: 4035

Idaho: 3262

Illinois: 46,328

Indiana: 32,084

Kansas: 9,555

Kentucky: 17,283

Louisiana: 22,139

Massachusetts: 9,883

Maryland: 14,077

Maine: 1,785

Michigan: 43,560

Minnesota: 10,470

Missouri: 22,665

Mississippi: 14,253

Montana: 1,231

North Carolina: 31,867

North Dakota: 833

Nebraska: 6,237

New Hampshire: 2,724

New Jersey: 20986

New Mexico: 2,645

Nevada: 13,529

New York: 33,172

Ohio: 50,743

Oklahoma: 15,860

Oregon: 10,064

Pennsylvania: 31,976

Rhode Island: 1,882

South Carolina: 14,705

South Dakota: 1,070

Tennessee: 48,881

Texas: 55,763

Utah: 7,943

Virginia: 26,856

Vermont: 1,125

Washington: 16,326

Wisconsin: 15,481

West Virginia: 3,256

Wyoming: 705

Total: 955,501