HANOVER, Md. — CounselorLibrary.com and Hudson Cook will host their fifth annual Housing & Auto Finance Workshop May 4 to 6 at The Westin Annapolis in Maryland.

The event is designed for clients and guest of Hudson Cook and users of CounselorLibrary.com products.

Topics covered include:

—Liability theories and effects of the subprime mortgage crisis

—Legislating financial services

—Emerging issues in housing and auto finance

—Recent developments under TILA, ECOA and FCRA

—UCC Basics

—Privacy and red flag guidelines.

"Dealers' lawyers should attend, as well as any executives in charge of compliance, risk management or F&I, in addition to general managers and any dealers who would prefer that plaintiffs' lawyers not end up owning their business," Tom Hudson, chairman of Hudson Cook, explained to SubPrime Auto Finance News.

Asked why professionals should attend the event, Hudson responded, "Because there isn't anything else like it. Most conferences offer ‘legal updates,' which is a one-hour program where the presenters show up, present and leave.

"This is two days on nothing but practical how-to legal advice, with the opportunity for all sorts of private discussions with the presenters and our other lawyers," he continued.

However, he did stress the fact that the workshop is only open to professionals in the business of selling, financing and leasing vehicles, or those doing business with these industry executives.

Nicole Munro, workshop chair, indicated that the conference will also highlight:


—Alternative lending and credit outreach

—Marketing and privacy

—Handling enforcement actions and consumer complaints

—Appraisal fraud

—RESPA litigation

—Managing dealer compliance

"Consistent with years past, the workshop provides an impressive lineup of dynamic speakers who will bring a fresh perspective to some of the most critical issues our industry faces today," Munro pointed out.

"The workshop provides an excellent opportunity for you to gain knowledge, get CLE credits and network with your peers while experiencing the history of Annapolis and its many attractions," she continued.

Moreover, Hudson indicated that he and his wife will host their annual Azalea Garden Party at the Nancarles House in Gambrills, Md., on Sunday, May 4.

"This elegant event is the idyllic ‘welcome to Annapolis' for you and your guest and the perfect start to the workshop," the event brochure claims. "Don your spring hats and chapeaus, saunter around the grounds and drink in the beauty of the dogwood trees, azaleas and other spring blossoms on six acres of natural rolling terrain.

"Ascend the inlaid stone steps leading up to the two-story porch supported by four looming Doric columns at the front entrance of the 1936 Colonial Revival style house," it continued.

For those interested in attending the Azalea Garden Party, transportation will be provided from the Westin Annapolis.

Returning back to the discussion of the workshop, Hudson said, "This conference offers an opportunity for an in-depth explanation of the current legal issues that face dealers, something dealers can't get at any other event."

The workshop cost is $545, with the first registrant from a company paying full price, while additional registrants from the same company receive a $100 discount each.

To register, visit www.CounselorLibrary.com/register and click on the "Register Now' button on the right side of the page.

An agenda is available at www.counselorlibrary.com/register/agenda_2008.pdf.