HANOVER, Md. — The Hudson Cook law firm announced a new relationship with the General Motors Minority Dealers Association.

Hudson Cook, a leading law firm for the auto industry, will begin providing legal services to the GMMDA, writing articles for publication in the association's newsletter, "The Spark Plug," and conducting educational presentations at the association's conferences and workshops.

The firm's background in compliance audits, drafting of retail installment sale agreements, privacy, identity theft and information security, safeguarding policies, telemarketing, USA Patriot Act and OFAC compliance and the Internet marketplace will be used by the association to assist the membership in dealing with these complex issues.

Experiences of the firm's attorneys will also benefit the association, according to officials.

"We are pleased to work with the GMMDA. I think that GMMDA members will appreciate the background of our diverse bunch of lawyers, especially those that grew up in dealership families," said Tom Hudson, senior partner with the firm.