Through a recent installment of its tip of the week, Ignite Consulting Partners tackled a strategy that some collections departments might use to kickstart stalled efforts to find and reach their delinquent account holders.

Perhaps the opposite of text messaging, Ignite acknowledging that some collections departments use door knocking to try to physically find the contract holder. Before offering four recommendations if managers want to proceed, Ignite’s compliance experts explained three considerations before embarking on that path.

“Collections is an inherently risky activity and can be compounded by door knocking. In general, Ignite takes the position that in-person door knocking, if not done right, can add additional risk, such as the safety of your customers and employees. There are several things to consider if you are going to use this collections strategy,” the firm said in a recent industry message.

“First, you need to have a robust written policy documenting the purpose of the activity,” Ignite continued. “Second, once you have documented your accepted procedures, you must implement a demonstrable, ongoing training program to ensure employees are adhering to the written processes.

“Third, you need to have an audit function that looks at aspects of the process like success rate and complaints. This audit function should be reviewed in a monthly or quarterly review and used to identify and correct any issues,” the firm went on to say.

At the very least, Ignite said collections departments should consider these four elements when using or implementing a door-knock program:

• Don't lie about who you are or why you are there

• Confirm the identity of the person you are speaking with

• Don't share any information with a third party

• Have a conflict avoidance process

“Other considerations might include your insurance in the instance an employee is injured, or they get in a wreck,” Ignite said. “Does your insurance cover those activities? Are they driving company cars or their own cars? What happens if they get in a wreck conducting company business in their personal vehicle? These are all situations that involve risk for the employee, the customer, and the company.”

Still want to proceed with door knocking? Ignite said managers can discuss strategy in more detail with its firm experts by sending email to or calling (817) 928-4303.