When InsightLPR unveiled its five-person executive team last month, the technology company providing proprietary license plate recognition (LPR) software, hardware and data products to help companies increase their value said it would be rolling out its solutions at the North American Repossessors Summit, which is set to start in three weeks in Denver.

A news release distributed on Tuesday confirmed InsightLPR’s plans as the company said it will officially release and showcase its unique business model and LPR strategy to the repossession industry.

“We’re launching our agent-centric platform in response to a real market need,” InsightLPR chief product officer Oscar Nunez said in the news release. “Our team is excited to be at the summit, where we will demonstrate our platform’s benefits to recovery agents, including how much more control they can have over the LPR data they collect with our platform.” 

Additionally, InsightLPR’s platform can enable quicker repossessions, increase recovery rates and add value to an agent’s business.

The company also offers a “bring-your-own” Genetec device option.

“Your Genetec hardware is compatible with our solution, so if you have these devices, come and talk to us,” Nunez said. 

“What’s most exciting about our platform is that we have built a solid LPR solution on a flexible and reliable technology stack. Our offering fills the gaps on existing technologies and is setting new standards for excellence and LPR innovation in the industry,” Nunez added, outlining the following additional benefits:

• Transparent partnership

• No long-term commitment, no 12-month, non-compete post termination

• Agent data is not shared or sold to forwarders, lenders or competing recovery companies

• Agent has full access to historical data

• Optimized network size

• Full case management integrations

• Access to large staging hotlist

• Earn a minimum of $355 per Live Repo

For more information on InsightLPR’s model and strategy for the repossession industry, send an email info@insightlpr.com or visit insightlpr.com.