CARMEL, Ind. — In an effort to correct misconceptions about its business, J.D. Byrider announced it has launched a new Web site at

"We see a parallel between us and Blockbuster," explained Steve Wedding, president of Byrider franchising. "When Blockbuster burst into video rentals, the business was fragmented and lacking professionalism. It changed the paradigm.

"And that's exactly what Byrider is trying to do within the buy-here, pay-here used-car industry," he continued. "From the quality of our facilities to the warranties and maintenance that we provide — we've set the gold standard, and we want our customers and others to know about it."

According to officials, the new site provides customer testimonials, a ticker tracking daily customer satisfaction system-wide and a way for customers to provide feedback on any store.

Offering an example of one of the testimonials listed on the site, officials indicated Fannie Jackson of Youngstown, Ohio.

"When I came to J.D. Byrider, my credit was in bad shape, but I needed a vehicle," she said. "J.D. Byrider took a chance on me and sold me a car in 2001. Shortly after my purchase, I became very ill, lost my job and fell behind in my payments.

"The friendly staff at J.D. Byrider worked with me so that I was able to get back on track and could finish paying for my car successfully. … I am on my second car now and have been able to rebuild my credit and my life," Jackson added.

Jim DeVoe Jr., Byrdier's chief executive officer, pointed out, "Customer testimonials like Ms. Jackson's, coupled with our nearly 95 percent customer satisfaction rating nationwide, show us that we're on the right track, but they're not the only indicators of our success.

"If you take a look at our franchisees, you'll see that the vast majority are also new-car dealers in excellent standing in their communities," he continued. "The fact that they've chosen to become part of our franchise is proof of our solid reputation and a point in which we take great pride."

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