CARMEL, Ind. (July 28, 2006) — Announcing the openings of five new franchises, J.D. Byrider said it has already surpassed its 2005 expansion rate, and still has eight more stores to open this year.

The current openings are located in Blacksburg, Va.; Nashville, Tenn.; Pittsburgh; Salt Lake City, Utah; and San Antonio, Texas. Franchises still to open in 2006 are located in Belleville and Springfield, Ill.; Clarksburg, W.V.; Kernersville, N.C.; Pinellas Park, Fla.; Fort Worth, Texas; Kansas City, Mo.; and Pittsburgh.

"These new dealerships, opened by existing and new franchisees, are a sure sign that the Byrider business model for selling used cars continues to be healthy and lucrative," explained William Ackermann, vice president of franchise operations. "This is the strongest possible endorsement of our product. Our franchise owners are smart enough to know a good thing when they see it — and own it."

Chris Hadley, co-owner of three stores and a Byrider franchisee since 1995, added, "From an increased focus on customer care, to attracting more franchisees who are socially responsible, the Byrider brand keeps getting better. That's why we didn't hesitate to open a new store in Nashville.

Hadley's store in Nashville opened in February and employs 30 people, moving nearly 50 units a month. Hadley said he is also part owner of stores in Kentucky and Indiana.

Blake Johnson, who is also a Byrider franchisee, chimed in, saying, "After selling my sightseeing-by-plane business in Hawaii, I spent a year investigating other business opportunities and landed on J.D. Byrider. It beat out 10 other business models I studied because with Byrider you don't have to reinvent the wheel — you get assistance every step of the way."

In conclusion, executives said the company will continue to move forward with its expansion plans and remain successful, even after the loss of its founder and chief executive officer, James DeVoe, in a March plane crash.