FORT WORTH, Texas — J.D. Byrider announced the opening of a new franchise in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The new facility is just one of four locations expected to be opened over the next five years by the Alabama-based franchisees.

"Within about two years, we anticipate that 150 customers will be walking through our doors each month," said Mike Locklear, general manager of the new dealership. 

"To help them make an informed purchase that fits their budget and lifestyle and to help them maintain their vehicle, we've hired 14 financial consultants and service technicians. Those numbers will grow as we do," he continued.

Steve Locklear, president of the local store, added, "Mike spent three years encouraging me to examine the J.D. Byrider franchise opportunity — once I did, I never looked back."

"This will be our second store, and we have plans to open several more. There just is no similar opportunity out there," he said.

The Locklears also own two new-car stores. They opened their first Byrider dealership in Tuscaloosa, Ala., in August 2004. Since then, the owners said they have focused on helping customers rebuild their credit. The dealerships offer customers who pay off their vehicles on time the opportunity to trade up and out of the system to purchase a new car, according to the store owners. 

The Locklears said they want to offer the same opportunity to eligible customers at the new Fort Worth store at 8840 Camp Bowie West Boulevard.

"With subprime lenders having largely vanished and one of three Americans unable to qualify for conventional credit anywhere, we're happy to offer on-site financing to Dallas-Ft. Worth residents," said Steve Wedding, Byrider's president of franchising. 

"Often, it's the only way our customers are able to buy a reliable car for getting to work and advancing their lives," he said.

Indianapolis Dealership Relocates

After 10 years of award-winning customer service and strong portfolio performance at a 6,000-square-foot site on Pendleton Pike, the Byrider store outgrew this facility and relocated. Now, customers are being welcomed to a new 17,000-square-foot home at 1525 N. Shadeland Avenue, according to the company.

"Our customers will get the greatest benefit from this move, especially when it comes to our on-site service department — a feature you don't find at the corner used-car lot," said Joe Cianelli, managing partner of the store, which is owned by Byrider.

"We've increased the number of service bays from four to 10, thereby cutting the wait for appointments and simultaneously creating new jobs for certified auto technicians," he continued.

Brent Newman, president of Byrider's company stores division, added, "This expansion is proof of the store's success and one of the reasons that it was a 2006 President's Award winner.

"J.D. Byrider President's Awards are given to the top 10 percent of stores, and are based on both customer satisfaction and the financial performance of the dealership," Newman explained.

Typical sales volumes at Byrider stores are lower than those of conventional used-car lots because the company takes the time to work closely with customers to identify the best vehicle for their needs and budget, officials concluded.