ATLANTA — L2C recently launched a new feature that can help auto lenders, according to the company. The function, Link2Credit Score, is designed to provide lenders better appraisal tools in determining risks of potential borrowers.

The program, which has been available since June, has capabilities for assessing both prime and subprime loans. The software is designed to evaluate data from a maximum of seven industry-related sources to determine the risk of a potential loan.

"Developing specialized Link2Credit scores for the auto-lending industry better indentifies low-risk borrowers within the underbanked population segment," explained Mike Mondelli, president of L2C. "We can increase the addressable market for our customers without increasing overall risk for auto lenders."

Essentially, officials clarified, Link2Credit Score makes evaluations based on credit reporting scores, proprietary algorithms, complementary information sources, prior auto lending performance and transactions made by the consumer.

Additionally, Link2Credit does the same scoring system for consumer/retail finance, bankcard and mortgage industries, as well.

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