LAS VEGAS — The last day of the National Alliance of Buy-Here, Pay-Here Dealers conference will take place today. Panels will include topics such as improving underwriting and collections, capital markets, avoiding compliance pitfalls and more.

Ken Shilson, founder of the NABD; Ingram Walters, dealer and co-host; and Frances Chatman, operations manager for Cavenaugh Auto Group, will come together to discuss "Improving Your Underwriting/Collections."

Dealers who need to know the top 10 underwriting mistakes make sure they are in attendance, as this makes up a portion of the session.

An example of one of these mistakes is "emphasizing sales growth over good underwriting. (Growing too fast can be fatal.)"

Meanwhile, Chatman, who serves as chief financial officer for both the BHPH dealerships and related finance company, has some unique tips to offer. She has been in the BHPH business since 1993, and with multiple lots she utilizes both centralized collections and a scoring system.

In fact, Chatman helped develop Profit Max, a custom credit scoring model specifically for dealerships and finance companies. Moreover, she created a collection training program called Collection Pros to help with personnel at BHPH stores.

Her goal will be to help those in attendance learn collection 101.

Another panel slated for Thursday is "Ways Non-Compliance Can Crash and Burn Your Operations." Making up this group will be Tom Hudson, a well-known auto attorney with Hudson Cook; Emily Marlow Beck, a regular industry speaker who serves as vice-chair of Hudson Cook's Dealership Law Practice Group; and Terrence O'Loughlin, director of compliance with Reynolds and Reynolds.

Before joining Reynolds, O'Loughlin worked with the Florida Office of the Attorney General focusing on the investigation and prosecution of dealers and automakers, in addition to finance and lease companies.

Later in the day several dealer workshops will take place showcasing NIADA.TV, BHPH performance groups, Internet best practices, growing a portfolio, BHPH 101, selling to the unbankable customer and principles that make a person remarkable.

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