This week, Launcher and Scienaptic AI announced their full integration for mutual auto finance clients to make more advanced underwriting decisions.

The companies said they’re able to achieve that objective by incorporating artificial intelligence-powered underwriting signals within Launcher’s appTRAKER Loan Origination System (LOS).

Executives explained that integrating appTRAKER and AI-powered signals can enable financial institutions to automate their financing, approve more contracts and increase credit availability.

Launcher recapped that appTRAKER LOS was designed for auto finance companies, banks, fintechs, and credit unions requiring a more intelligent and efficient way to consume data during the origination process, resulting in a stronger and more profitable portfolio.

With this new partnership, clients using appTRAKER LOS have full access to all AI-powered signals and recommendations provided by Scienaptic AI. These AI-powered underwriting signals can integrate seamlessly within appTRAKER’s processes and workflows to provide clients with multiple benefits including added flexibility, increased risk management, and automation capabilities for the entire financing process.

“This new integration allows lenders to identify qualified loan applicants easier and quicker, while flagging high-risk scenarios, and providing a more holistic risk assessment,” Launcher President Nikh Nath said in a news release. “Integrations like this with Scienaptic AI are invaluable to our lenders and our platform.”

Launcher and Scienaptic AI added that their partnership will increase the adoption of AI for financing and give more consumers access to fair credit.

“Our partnership with Launcher removes the integration hurdles that have prevented lenders from implementing AI. This partnership will increase the adoption of AI and allow more consumers to access credit.” Scienaptic AI co-founder and president Pankaj Jain said.