LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS integrates with Dealertrack to speed up subprime deals


For the second time this month, LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS has reached another strategic partnership.

On Tuesday, LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS, a technology provider specializing in subprime automotive finance originations, announced an integration with Dealertrack. The partnership allows finance companies using LAUNCHER to streamline the process of indirect auto financing with dealers on Dealertrack’s network.

Launcher's appTRAKER Loan Origination System, uniquely positioned to serve subprime auto finance companies, seamlessly integrates with Dealertrack to provide a conduit for real-time credit and contrace decisioning.

Launcher president Nikh Nath said, “Twenty-two thousand dealers use Dealertrack to submit their applications to lenders.

“By integrating appTRAKER with such a trusted network, we are providing lenders with an increased opportunity to succeed,” Nath continued.

Dealertrack integrates with appTRAKER Loan Origination System to increase efficiencies by reducing errors throughout the entire loan origination process, from application to funding.

“This new integration allows lenders using Launcher's appTRAKER to receive credit applications from their dealers in real time and return automated decisions – saving time in the F&I office, which everyone knows is a pain point for consumers,” said Cheryl Miller, vice president and general manager of F&I solutions at Dealertrack.

“In short, this partnership means more deals can be decisioned faster,” Miller added.

Earlier in January, Launcher and Equifax teamed up to gauge the potential contract holder’s ability to make installment payments.