LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS (Launcher), a technology provider specializing in subprime auto finance originations, recently announced its successful integration with LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

The alliance is designed to give subprime finance companies access to alternative data within Launcher’s appTRAKER loan origination system. The intended results not only could help increase finance company efficiencies, but also enhance understanding of the risk and credit worthiness of their potential customers.

Launcher created the appTRAKER loan origination system to cater to subprime finance companies that demand more from their software, including the need for quicker decisioning and smoother integration with vendor data that could help lenders make more intelligent credit decisions. In the subprime/near-prime space, Launcher president Nikh Nath acknowledged that credit approvals are not always granted based on a credit score, meaning that it’s often an arduous process for lenders to sort out the profitable deals from the rest.

“We created appTRAKER Loan Origination System to help lenders build stronger portfolios through a faster, more reliable system with the ideal workflow for subprime … a major part of that workflow is risk assessment,” Nath said.

“Working with LexisNexis Risk Solutions gives our clients access to additional data that can be used for Autodecisioning, risk-based pricing, and in conjunction with scorecards resulting in a more streamlined decision-making process,” Nath continued.

Launcher’s integration with LexisNexis RiskView can offer lenders the ability to utilize non-tradeline data in an automated manner via Autodecisioning to improve credit risk analysis.

“Every business today is operating in the decision economy,” said Solomon Semere, director of credit risk strategy at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “When an auto lender can make quick, confident credit decisions, the business is going to grow profitably.

"This alliance between Launcher and LexisNexis Risk Solutions helps auto lenders thrive in the decision economy and come out the winners," Semere went on to say.