BATON ROUGE, La. — AppOne, a part of Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, announced that it has added the first credit union on its credit union platform.

Joining this platform is Dow Louisiana Federal Credit Union.

Using the AppOne platform, DLFCU is now able to offer auto financing to Louisiana residents through AppOne's dealer network.

AppOne's technology and risk mitigation solutions can help DLFCU reduce the level of risk associated with doing business with individual dealerships, officials highlighted.

For independent auto dealers that have seen large national lending sources dry up in recent months, AppOne's relationship with DLFCU offers an opportunity to access another lending source that can help them service their customers and sell more cars, executives noted.

"Dealers' number one concern right now is financing," said Lee Domingue, chief executive officer of AppOne. "AppOne not only provides them with access to a variety of lenders, but we also help ensure their loan documentation is compliant so they can maintain positive relationships with those lenders over time."

Jeff Hendrickson, president and CEO of Dow Louisiana Federal Credit Union, added, "AppOne makes it easier to connect with the independent auto dealer marketplace, which helps us grow our member base.

"By vetting each dealer that joins its platform, and providing an efficient and effective risk management system, AppOne helps us offer auto loans to existing members, as well as potential members residing in the nine-parish Greater Baton Rouge area," he concluded.