ATLANTA (Aug. 3, 2006) — To further enhance Manheim POINT, Black Book vehicle values have been added to existing vehicle valuations in the product, company executives announced Wednesday. Other recent enhancements include increased market data, which is designed to allow dealers to compare results to others in their geographical area, in addition to multi-store capability, which allows subscribers with multiple franchises to manage inventory through all stores simultaneously rather than location-by-location.

Moreover, POINT executives said dealer groups have the ability to offer vehicles for sale within their group before moving on to other sales venues. Customers also have the opportunity to send multiple vehicles through various sales channels, increasing the visibility of inventory.

"Black Book is one of the major information providers in the auto industry and is relied upon by thousands of dealers every day," explained Charles Williams, vice president and general manager for Manheim POINT. "As dealers continue to use Manheim POINT to help make decisions related to their used vehicle inventory, Black Book will give them a valuable tool to help drive profits."

Bob Burnett, president of Black Book, chimed in saying that the new partnership will have an immediate impact for dealers.

"Proactive inventory management has become essential during the past year as the used vehicle market has become more competitive," he noted. "Black Book has always had a close relationship with both dealers and the auction industry, and we believe that including access to Black Book values in Manheim POINT will further simplify and streamline the vehicle valuation process and benefit dealers greatly."

Executives concluded by saying that Black Book data now comes integrated with every Manheim POINT subscription.