ORLANDO, Fla. (June 23, 2006) — MenuVantage recently announced it has enhanced its Web-based menu selling system to allow dealers to fine-tune each F&I product presentation for the specific payment needs of each customer. The new product rollback feature is designed to offer F&I managers "goal seeking" capabilities, which automates the entire payment calculation process and eliminates the headache of manual calculation, company executives said. According to company executives, the new enhancement enables F&I managers to maximize the amount of products that can be sold within a customer's monthly payment range. It automates the calculation process and rolls the payment against product options, simplifying the entire process. "We are very excited to be able to offer our dealers this new feature. MenuVantage is fully committed to providing dealers with the latest technology to help increase profitability per deal and take their F&I performance to an even higher level," said Phillip Battista, MenuVantage's chief marketing officer. MenuVantage executives said they have seen a strong increase in market presence and currently process more than 67,000 deals per month for 2,300 users at dealerships nationwide. More specifically, they said the average deal with MenuVantage produces $903 per unit in F&I income, compared to $633 per unit without the system.