HOUSTON, Texas (July 19, 2006) — The National Alliance of Buy-Here, Pay-Here Dealers announced it will host a two-day collection academy in Atlanta on Jan. 10-11, at the Manheim DRIVE facility.

Ken Shilson, CPA and NABD president, said the curriculum has been finalized and the instructors are selected for the educational event. The program is geared toward owners, general managers, collection managers, collectors and all other key employees who are involved in buy-here, pay-here collection operations.

"Simply stated, buy-here, pay-here is the collection business, and this program will make you more successful," Shilson stated.

The academy will kick off Jan. 9, with a welcome reception where networking will take center stage. During the two-day program, attendees should learn how to avoid the fatal pitfalls, improve their underwriting, implement the latest technology, avoid legal and regulatory mistakes and learn from their losses, Shilson said.

"This modest investment in education can make you millions," according to Shilson. "The Manheim DRIVE facility offers state-of-the-art technology, which will enhance the experience of everyone who attends."

The list of instructors for this event includes:

Frances Chatman, of Car Today in Jonesboro, Ark.
Cereice Earp, of Jim Keras Buick in Memphis, Tenn.
Attorneys: Tom Hudson and Joseph Looney
Michael Moore, NCM Twenty Group Moderator
Ingram Walters, of Griffin's Credit Quick in Charlotte, N.C.

As for participating sponsors, the list includes:

American Recovery Association
Auto Master Systems
CAR Financial Services
Guardian Warranty Corp.
NCM Associates
ONTIME Payment Protection Systems
Shilson, Goldberg, Cheung & Associates
Subprime Analytics

"Each of these sponsors will participate as instructors and will share valuable tips on how to improve collections, increase profits and cash flow," Shilson noted. "Their participation and support also will greatly reduce the registration cost for the attendees."

Registration is now underway, and Shilson said the academy will be limited to 200 attendees in order to facilitate personal training and individual interaction with instructors and sponsors.

NABD said it has arranged for significant discounts at the Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel, and ground transportation will be provided.

Dealers interested in registering may call NABD headquarters at (713) 290-8171, or visit www.bhphinfo.com.

In other news, NABD also announced it will host its annual conference in Las Vegas on May 14-16. As for last year's event, any dealers interested in purchasing an audio recording and a highlights video from NABD 2006, may do so online at the group's site, or by calling the headquarters.