HOUSTON — The National Alliance of Buy-Here, Pay-Here Dealers recently announced the launch of a new BHPH employment bulletin board on its Web site.

Prospective employees can post their resumes for free, officials pointed out. Applicants can also request that their names not be disclosed to prospective employers without their permission.

Employers who are interested in posting an employment opportunity may do so by calling NABD headquarters at (713) 290-8171, or by e-mailing Ken Shilson, NABD founder, at joblistings@bhphinfo.com.

Prospective employers will, in the future, be given the opportunity to search the database for qualified applicants.

Shilson indicated that the challenging economic environment of today has caused many qualified individuals to seek new employment opportunities. "The buy-here, pay-here industry is always searching for experienced people who can contribute management, financial and other expertise.

"It is the fastest-growing segment of the automotive industry, and that growth provides exceptional employment opportunities," he added.

Interested applicants should log-on at www.bhphinfo.com and enter their posting on the site section marked "NABD Job Board." Applicants will be asked to complete an online survey which will summarize their background, salary expectations and interest in relocating.

It is not necessary for applicants to have prior BHPH experience. Many other industries develop skills which are transferable, Shilson indicated.