McLEAN, Va. — As many as three out of five auto consumers suffer from damaged credit, according to the National Auto Dealers Association.

"Dealers could be leaving a great deal of money on the table — perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in additional gross profit — if they ignore the subprime market," the association reported.

That's where a special finance operation comes in.

"Call it subprime, non-prime, secondary or special finance — this large and growing segment of the market needs dealers who are prepared to sell credit-challenged customers the vehicles they need at prices they can afford," the group said.

To help dealers better serve and reach these customers, NADA has released a new management education DVD called "Creating a Special Finance Operation: Doing it Right."

"The DVD offers solid information from dealers about a business opportunity and a chance to assist an underserved market segment. As more people are credit-challenged, dealers need to work with them to provide vehicles at the right prices," according to officials.

"The video shows steps to build a successful special finance operation. It covers staff, sales process, inventory and marketing with a case study of an actual dealership," they added.

Basically, this four-segment video is tailor-made to show dealers how they can be prepared. It also includes a study guide.

This educational package is available for $169.

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