In an effort to enhance the celebration of its 19th year of operation, subprime auto finance company National Auto Lenders rolled out a new logo and tagline.

The marketing strategy is all part of NAL continuing to expand into new territories to work with both franchised and independent dealerships. The company is already well-established in south Florida, and has branched out into other territories in states including Florida, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Indiana.

“We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our partner dealers and providing optimal service to both dealers and customers,” chief financial officer Dania Ramos-Infante said.

“We began as National Auto Lenders and then became known as NAL,” Ramos-Infante continued. “We have established a rapport with dealers of stability, ethical standards, and consistency in our practices. Through the upward and downward cycles of the auto industry, NAL has maintained its presence and been a partner to its network of dealers.

“Because of this and many more reasons we are the preferred lender, we are respected and we are trusted,” Ramos-Infante went on to say.