VIENNA, Va. — This week Navy Federal Credit Union announced it has committed significant financial support to get consumers into new or used vehicles.

More specifically, the financial institution has set aside $3.5 billion for these loans, which can be used to finance a new or used car purchase from any automaker.

"Navy Federal is not facing the same problems many banks are. We never got involved in risky investments and as a result we are safe and secure," said Cutler Dawson, president and chief executive officer.

"We've had a couple of the best loan months, in terms of volume, and one of our best years ever in 2008 and off to a great start in 2009," he added.

General Motors and Chrysler are also offering special discounts for credit union members through the nationwide credit union Invest in America program.

Through Invest in America, more than 25,000 GM and Chrysler vehicles have already been sold to credit union members at "great discount prices," officials said.

The program is open to more than 90 million members of nearly 8,000 credit unions throughout the country.

By visiting, consumers can find out more about the program and how they can receive authorization codes as a credit union member.

The deal gives credit union members "supplier" discounts of roughly 5 percent plus $250 off the price of most GM vehicles.

Chrysler is offering $500 and $1,000 discounts on most of their vehicles. These discounts are in addition to most dealer rebates. Navy Federal members are also eligible for great low loan rates to save even more on vehicles, executives highlighted.