New training certification program available for VSC professionals

LONG BEACH, Calif. -, which offers education programs for sales and customer service reps in various consumer-centric industries, on Thursday announced the availability of its Certified Vehicle Protection Professional (CVPP) certification program. explained that it established the CVPP program via the Academy of Certified Vehicle Protection Professionals (ACVPP) to recognize individuals who demonstrate the requisite knowledge required to responsibly and effectively market vehicle service contracts (VSCs) to consumers. has also produced and launched a branded version of the CVPP certification program for the vehicle service contract industry trade association Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) and its member companies.

 “We’re excited to introduce the new CVPP certification that was created with VSC industry experts to accurately validate the very specialized industry knowledge and skills of sales and customer service employees of vehicle service contract marketers,” said Laurence Larose, president of

“Professionals are looking for a way to demonstrate and promote their skills by earning a certification that is a distinct indicator of their deep industry knowledge and VSC marketing companies also benefit from the rigor and integrity of the CVPP training and exam process,” Larose continued.

Vehicle service contract sales and customer service professionals who would like to be CVPP certified must complete the online CVPP training module and certification exam.

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