Nordis Technologies and Solutions by Text (SBT) contend that a growing number of auto finance company customers want to receive statement alerts and payment reminders by text, especially with direct links to online account management and payment portals.

To enhance integrated omnichannel customer communications with expanded text messaging capabilities, the companies finalized a partnership on Wednesday so Nordis Technologies’ clients can now compose and send one-time and recurring, compliant text messages using the company’s patented Expresso CCM platform, enabled by SBT.

“We are dedicated to developing and delivering the best omnichannel communications options and experiences for our clients and their customers. For text messaging, we’ve teamed up with SBT to bring a best-in-class compliance-first approach,” Nordis Technologies founder and CEO Ronnie Selinger said in a news release.

“For clients who want to add or expand text messaging to cater to customer preferences, we offer a single CCM platform for creating and managing any combination of text, email and paper communications,” Selinger continued.

Nordis Technologies’ expanded capabilities can let companies introduce and customize text messaging programs to improve customer experience, reduce postage and printing costs and accelerate payments.

Clients will have the ability to send document links via text that present statements and letters composed and archived in Expresso.

In addition, clients have access to:

• Dedicated short codes and long codes (10DLCs) for sending messages

• Branded URLs using SBT’s SmartURL product

• Bulk SmartURL integration with existing file process automation in Expresso

• Robust archiving, reporting and tracking in Expresso

• Expert compliance consulting and text messaging best-practices guidance

“For many companies, text messaging remains an untapped opportunity to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency. We are delighted to team with Nordis Technologies to efficiently enable their clients to deliver messages through the channels customers prefer,” SBT CEO David Baxter said in the news release.