LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Nowcom recently announced the integration of the AutoCheck vehicle history reporting service from Experian Automotive into its Dealer Desktop auto dealer software solution.

This integration allows Nowcom's independent dealers to run AutoCheck vehicle history reports on their used inventories and prominently display these reports to potential customers on both the vehicle and on the dealer's Web site through the use of the AutoCheck FreeLink service.

AutoCheck vehicle history reports allow independent dealers to review valuable information on a vehicle's history, including possible undisclosed or unknown problems such as title brand records, prior accident history, or odometer issues that can influence an automobile's safety and resale value, officials explained.

In turn, being able to clearly convey this information to customers allows dealers to instill the confidence they demand when purchasing the right used vehicle, they added. 

 "Through our partnership with Experian Automotive and AutoCheck, we have been able to provide our customers with a complete integration of services to help run their business," said Miguel Jurado, director of dealer services. "Our subscribers can now run AutoCheck reports directly from Dealer Desktop and save themselves the hassle of double entry."

Scott Waldron, president of Experian Automotive, added, "Being able to quickly access and convey the historic information on a used vehicle is invaluable to any used vehicle dealer looking to maintain a competitive and effective business in today's trying market.

"We're pleased to partner with Nowcom in integrating AutoCheck into their dealer software to help their independent dealer customers close sales with confidence by giving their customers the valuable information they need to make an educated buying decision," he continued.

AutoCheck vehicle history reports also help make evaluating and selling vehicles easier by including a vehicle history score, the AutoCheck Score. This score is a numeric indicator between one and 100. Basically, the AutoCheck Score calculates and weighs key areas of a vehicle's history so dealers and consumers can quickly and easily understand a vehicle's past and compare it to similar vehicles, creating added peace of mind on both sides of the used vehicle sale.