Nowlake, the fintech division of Westlake Technology Holdings and underpinning for the finance company, finalized a partnership this week with Salient to bring generative artificial intelligence to its customer offerings.

An expert in voice technology, Salient said its solution was designed specifically for the needs of the auto finance industry. The companies said this collaboration will help improve the communication gateway for both dealers and consumers.

Nowlake’s partnership with Salient will begin by incorporating generative AI into its customer and dealer platforms as well as other operational-focused areas to help automate key processes and build efficiency through streamlining.

“This alliance marks a crucial turning point in the auto finance industry, leading us towards a transformative future,” Nowcom president Jay Kamdar said in a news release. “Having consistently ranked among the top companies in finance and technology in the auto industry, it is imperative that we continue setting exemplary standards.

“The incorporation of Salient’s cutting-edge AI technology is poised to elevate our success even further, empowering us to support our dealers and clients at an unprecedented level,” Kamdar continued. “The impact will not only be felt internally through streamlined processes but will also manifest in accelerated client assistance, thanks to the meticulously designed automated workflows tailored specifically for the automotive industry by our partner, Salient.”

Michael Wang is Nowlake’s senior vice president of information technology.

“They aren’t merely paving the path; they’re defining excellence in generative AI, Salient is a young and unique company,” Wang said. “Not only have they been pioneers in voice AI, but they’re also the trailblazers who brought generative AI to production, addressing real-world use cases. Their enthusiasm for voice AI in the auto industry goes beyond just the technical aspects; it’s about transforming the way our customers engage with the digital realm.

“We’re thrilled to have Salient as an integral part of our contact center technology,” Wang went on to say.