Open Lending Corp. finalized a pair of partnerships before closing the first month of the year.

First, the provider of risk analytics solutions for financial institutions launched a partner integration with CreditSnap, a fintech platform that can allow financial institutions to deliver lending and deposit account automation using pre-qualification technology, application programming interface (API) integrations and more.

Then, Open Lending unveiled another partner integration with Automatic, a platform that can connect automotive finance companies with independent dealerships.

Both partnerships are aimed at helping Open Lending and its objective of facilitating auto financing in the near- and non-prime sectors.

By collaborating with Automatic, the partnership will help Open Lending’s users of Lenders Protection to grow their indirect financing relationships by delivering instant, accurate decisions to dealers within a single platform.

Automatic’s turn-key solution combines a dealer portal with an indirect LOS to connect finance companies to a network of 2,700 independent dealerships.

The collaboration aims to bring added efficiency and flexibility to Lenders Protection customers via a user-friendly platform.

Open Lending said the streamlined approach can enhance operational efficiency and reduce decision-making timelines, contributing to a more responsive financing ecosystem.

“Our partnership with Automatic will allow us to connect our customers with a wider variety of high-yield lending opportunities,” Open Lending chief revenue officer Matt Roe said in a news release.

“We appreciate Automatic’s commitment to working with independent dealerships, with a focus on used vehicles,” Roe continued. “The company’s approach is a great match for our own mission to connect near and non-prime consumers with vehicle financing opportunities they can afford.”

Finance companies can seamlessly integrate with Automatic in two ways: by leveraging Automatic’s LOS capabilities or opting to “bring their own” LOS.

The company said this flexibility allows financial institutions to adapt their approach, making Automatic a versatile option as either a complement or replacement for existing indirect programs based on their specific requirements.

“Together with the power of Open Lending, Automatic is delivering a product that further meets the needs of lenders and makes the experience for users instant and accurate,” Automatic CEO Eric Burney said in the news release. “Our Open Marketplace prioritizes fintech innovation and partnering with Open Lending is a natural fit.”

Meanwhile, executives also highlighted how Open Lending and CreditSnap now are working together.

CreditSnap’s platform pairs with Open Lending’s loan decisioning engine, Lenders Protection, to deliver a more seamless financing process, allowing financial institutions and captive finance companies to provide informed contract decisions.

The integration with CreditSnap provides Lenders Protection customers with both pre-qualification and firm contract underwriting capabilities, as well as an exchange for targeted marketing and other lead-driven sources.

The companies said through another news release that the all-in-one platform can pre-qualify applicants, price contracts, route qualified applicants to a loan origination system and enable third-party fulfillment.

Open Lending and CreditSnap explained that finance companies or refinance partners would typically need to supply a static rate sheet and keep it up to date. This new integration can allow finance companies to avoid the static rate sheet hassle, and instead rely on the off-the-shelf API integration to dynamically display accurate approvals to only pre-qualified applicants.

“What impresses me most about CreditSnap is its versatility,” said Matt Moody, vice president of IT integrations at Open Lending. “As the first partner to fully integrate both pre-qualified and full-loan request underwriting workflows with Lenders Protection, CreditSnap facilitates risk analysis early in the lending process, resulting in funded loans with 100% look-to-book.

“With real-time, dynamic approvals, the lender gets only the applicants they want, and there are no surprises. This partnership is a valuable asset to our mission to help lenders drive vehicle accessibility without adding unnecessary risk,” Moody added in another news release.

With Federal Reserve potentially cutting interest rates this year, Open Lending highlighted its integration with CreditSnap is positioned to help captives and other auto finance companies offer refinancing solutions with increased efficiency.

Open Lending said its user-friendly platform offers complete workflow integration, targeted marketing capabilities and proactive risk management, allowing dealers to provide immediate and accurate contract approvals to customers seeking refinancing.

“At CreditSnap, we’re committed to re-imagining how lending and deposit automation can be delivered to credit unions’ and banks’ customers,” CreditSnap CEO Deepak Polamarasetty said in that other news release.

“With this partnership with Open Lending, we’re excited to deliver instant answers from their Lenders Protection program to credit unions’ loan applicants and thereby allow automation in that lending journey.”

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