Partnership rundown: Expansions at LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS and F&I Express


Both LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS and F&I Express each enhanced their offerings for dealerships and finance companies by adding more industry partners.

LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS, a technology provider specializing in subprime auto finance originations, recently announced that it has added Kelley Blue Book to its list of data providers to offer vehicle trade-in values to finance companies using Launcher’s appTRAKER Loan Origination System.

Launcher reiterated that its appTRAKER Loan Origination System was designed by automotive experts with workflows specific to subprime and near-prime processes. The seamless integration between Launcher and Kelley Blue Book data can give finance companies access to trade-in values from within appTRAKER, which assists in ensuring origination amounts are current.

“Integrating Kelley Blue Book data into appTRAKER benefits our clients by providing a valuable resource they can use for assessing collateral risk on a loan,” said Nikh Nath, president of LAUNCHER.SOLUTIONS. “Kelley Blue Book trade-in values will help them make smarter business decisions.”

Meanwhile over at F&I Express, the company recently added USA ID Recovery to its aftermarket provider network in the Country

USA ID Recovery is an identity theft protection product that utilizes the latest technology, private and public security professionals and law enforcement agents to identify and mitigate consumer identity fraud. The service uses industry standard encryption and security processes to maintain data security and reliability.

“In late 2017 the U.S. experienced the single most serious data beach in its history,” said Jim Formanek, founder and president of USA ID Recovery. “Thieves now have the non-public, personal information of nearly 59 percent of all adults in America.

“Given the fact that everyone is at risk, why not show your customers that you offer products and services that cover everything from the car, to the driver and their family. If a customer does become a victim of identity theft, they will remember it was the dealership that provided this valuable service, saving them time, money and the headaches involved with ID theft,” Formanek continued.

F&I Express looks to streamline the aftermarket process for optimized efficiency to make F&I easier and more profitable for everyone involved.

“In this age of technology, our personal information can easily end up in the hands of a thief,” said Brian Reed, chief executive officer of F&I Express. “You can never be too careful, so having USA ID Recovery on board with us is a great opportunity to help more consumers protect themselves against identity theft — the fastest growing crime in the country.”