TULSA, Okla. — OAG Indirect, one of the nation's leading auto finance companies, announced that it has agreed to partner with Payless Car Sales to provide custom retail financing services to Payless Dealers in 48 states.

"An alliance with Payless Car Sales is a positive step for OAG Indirect at this stage in our development," said Jared Kasper, president and chief executive officer of OAG Indirect.

"The high quality of Payless Dealers and the planned expansion of the Payless Franchise Network ensure the program will be a success for both companies," he continued.

Payless Car Sales, a subsidiary of Avalon Global Group Inc. and a sister company to Payless Car Rental System, launched a new franchise program for dealers in 2001, allowing them to leverage the national Payless brand image with any pre-existing identity in their local markets.

The franchise program includes an assortment of features and benefits for dealers, including retail finance sources, brand identity and image, floor-plan finance sources, advertising and promotion assistance, training and support, vehicle supply and systems, and finally services. OAG Indirect began rolling out its program to Payless Dealers last week.

"We are very excited that Payless Car Sales has entered into a national alliance with a company of OAG Indirect's capabilities and vision. With their customized program for Payless Dealers, quick decisions based on customer credit applications are made in the dealership and they have a process for fast and accurate funding," said Rick Stevens, president of Payless Car Sales.

"We are constantly striving to provide solutions to help our Payless Dealers succeed, and OAG Indirect is a tremendous addition to our array of value added products and services," he continued.

Phil Morgan, master developer for Payless Car Sales, added, "This national alliance between OAG Indirect and Payless Car Sales comes at a time when retail finance sources are difficult to obtain for used car dealers and their customers. OAG has customized an exclusive program for Payless Dealers that will enable them to finance more vehicles for all types of customers.

"OAG Indirect will be a full-spectrum lender for Payless dealers with attractive rates at all levels. The alliance just makes good sense for everyone, OAG Indirect, Payless Dealers and especially their customers," he concluded.