Getting a little extra in the paycheck certainly can help in a myriad of ways, especially nowadays.

This week, Portfolio announced the launch of Portfolio Accelerate, a new spiff program for F&I professionals. Built upon a fully web-based platform, the program was designed to offer agents and dealers an easier way to reward top performers.

“We wanted our new spiff program to be a game-changer, and that required us to build around the wants and needs of our agents and dealers,” said Tanya Stevenson, Portfolio’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We determined early on that paper forms and checks were not going to cut it. We had to go digital.”

After completing a spiff agreement ad designating one or more administrators, agents and dealers can use a dedicated website to register F&I team members, each of whom will receive a debit card that can be co-branded with the servicing agency’s logo.

Portfolio Accelerate cards are reloaded as spiffs are earned and can be used wherever Visa is accepted, including ATMs, or to request checks or transfers to bank accounts.

Executives noted spiffs can be earned on nearly every Portfolio product and split among multiple recipients.

The program is live now and dealers are encouraged to contact their Portfolio agent to sign up.