Protective Asset Protection is serving up a six pack for dealerships.

While the stress triggered by COVID-19 might merit popular beverages that oftentimes come in packages of six, the provider of F&I programs, services and dealer owned warranty company programs announced this week that it has made available a new series of pre-recorded educational training webinars, designed to educate, motivate and improve the closing ability for F&I managers.

In a recent survey of dealers from around the country, Protective found that roughly half (49%) said F&I product sales translate well to the digital or online car shopping process for customers, whereas only one in five dealers said there is no difference.

To help dealers elevate their success selling F&I products to customers, the following training webinars are now available:

— Getting To 80: In this new world of digital presentation and no-contact delivery, the ability to connect with customers in F&I is more critical than ever. This brief webinar discusses key goal-setting strategies to help break through performance barriers, the advantages of getting support from everyone in the dealership and how to enhance the customer experience regardless of delivery platform, generation or product.

— Conducting Meaningful Sales Training: This webinar discusses ways to uncover and develop top performers by employing separate sales meetings and sales training.

— Generational Sales: For the first time in auto-shopping history, there are five generations of buyers at dealerships. Understanding the unique characteristics of each generation is a key to unlocking more sales. This webinar discusses the unique priorities of each generation and how to maximize presentations to meet their needs.

— Generational Myths: Each customer is unique and has their own reasons for buying, but are their reasons really based on the time period in which they were born? This webinar explores which of these generational constructs are real, and which ones might be myth. Learn how to use these ideas to create a powerful F&I presentation that will be effective for each generation.

— Creating Your Evidence Book to Engage the Customer: The difference between the most effective F&I producers and those who struggle is a function of their ability to communicate value. This webinar discusses how and what to use to present your case more effectively.

— Powerful Storytelling: How can storytelling improve dealership numbers at the end of the quarter? A well-told, captivating story can affect listeners on multiple levels. This discussion illustrates storytelling and provides a guide to get started in telling powerful stories.

“Selling F&I products successfully, regardless if the customer is buying online or sitting in front of you inside the dealership, requires the right combination of trust, education and consideration,” Protective Asset Protection vice president of training and specialty sales Bill Koster said in a news release.

“Our training curriculum is among the very best in the industry, and we pride ourselves on equipping our dealer partners and their staff with the right training that helps drive trust and education so they can achieve high transaction volume and increase repeat business,” Koster went on to say.

Go to this website to access the training videos.