Protective Asset Protection is offering dealers another option for their presentation to vehicle buyers who might be considering products sold in the finance office.

Just ahead of Fourth of July, the provider of F&I programs, services and dealer owned warranty company programs announced that it has made available online, a series of informational videos for dealers to help educate consumers early on in their vehicle research of F&I options.

Part of the reason Protective Asset Protection rolled out these products is consumers want a digital car shopping experience. According to a recent report from CDK Global, more car shoppers are willing and likely to start the car buying process online. CDK found 83% of car shoppers indicated online buying technology would help them narrow down their vehicle choice and determine what is affordable.

However, Protective Asset Protection acknowledged consumers also feel added pressure and frustrations when considering additional products and features for their vehicles — including F&I products.

According to the Beepi Consumer Automotive Index, 87% of Americans dislike some aspect of car shopping at dealerships, with the majority saying they feel pressure to buy right away or to buy additional features.

Protective Asset Protection believes this pressure and mindset could be lessened if car shoppers had information ahead of time on F&I product options so they can learn the benefits of these products in the comfort of their own home as opposed to the dealership where they don’t have time to make proper considerations.

“There is so much emphasis placed on a digital retailing experience today, but much of the F&I process remains absent from this experience,” said Rick Kurtz, senior vice president of distribution at Protective Asset Protection.

“You can get vehicle pricing, custom build options, inventory and even financing, but the protection plan and ancillary product education is often not available, and this is what consumers need in order to make the right decision at the time of purchase,” Kurtz continued.

The CDK Global research study also found among those same consumers, almost 60% felt more comfortable starting their process on a dealer’s website compared to third-party sites. The online videos library is available for Protective’s DOWC program participants as well as other dealer clients, to upload and make available on their dealer websites.

The video library contains educational content on topics such as vehicle protection plans, auto care plans, tire and wheel, paintless dent removal, key repair and replacement, windshield repair, certified warranty programs, and lifetime powertrain and engine program options.

Each of these important F&I programs can save consumers money over the life of their vehicle ownership, which today averages 71.4 months according to R.L Polk.

Go to this website to view the online video catalogue.