BURNSVILLE, Minn. — Ren'T'Own Auto Inc. and Dealer Services Corp. of Indiana recently announced a new partnership.

Under this agreement, Indiana-based DSC will provide financing for Ren'T'Own inventory for approved auto dealers, according to officials.

"In our 17 years of experience developing the rent-to-own program and Ren'T'Own dealerships nationally, the biggest hurdle dealers have is not finding customers, but finding financing for vehicles on the Ren'T'Own program," explained Al Lentsch, president of Ren'T'Own.

Lentsch added, "We are very excited with the forward thinking of (Indiana-based) DSC, a leader in the floor plan industry."

DSC will finance the Ren'T'Own inventory for approved dealers, officials said. Additionally, DSC of Indiana will allow dealers to finance engine and transmission warranties, as well as a digital GPS tracking device for each vehicle, executives pointed out. 

"With (Indiana-based) DSC's knowledge and broad experience in the finance industry, along with our years of perfecting the Ren'T'Own system, we see a win-win for our dealers," Lentsch said.

For complete information packet, call Ren'T'Own at (800) 879-3433, or Indiana-based DSC at (800) 826-6795 or e-mail DSC of Indiana at marketing@discoverdsc.com.

Editor's Note: The DSC mentioned in this article is an Indiana-based floor planning company and no relation to Dealer Service Corp. of Florida.