Led by the Digital Dog Auto Recovery, Intellaegis and masterQueue development teams, several industry entrepreneurs are rolling out what they contend is an effective management solution that considers the repossession process from the field operation perspective.

Developers plan to showcase RepoRoute this week during the North American Repossessors Summit (NARS) in Irving, Texas. They explained RepoRoute is a tool that can connect several elements of a repo agent’s historical behavior and strategies, including:

— Performance and compliance priorities
— Driver behavior
— Client priorities
— GPS location
— Assignment dispatch needs
— Territories and hot zones
— Planning, scheduling and making deliveries

The platform also can combine current agency data with real-time, bi-directional interfaces to send and receive critical data between GoogleMaps, RepoRoute and the company’s existing repossession field management system

Digital Dog Auto Recovery president Michael Eusebio highlighted that RepoRoute can improve agent morale by empowering them to create powerful and profitable routes while making professional and compliant updates easy and consistently producing more recoveries per shift.

“RepoRoute puts you back in the driver seat, steering your business in a direction that creates success, rather than a direction that causes you to be a slave to an update mill and a feeling you’ve lost the ability to control your own destiny,” said Eusebio, who also incorporated two additional California repossession firms and a full-service skip -racing operation to his portfolio.

“Why do we let inexperienced repossessors decide where our $70,000 asset should roll? Why do we waste the precious time of our most valuable assets, our best repossessors, who are forced to look through hundreds of addresses for an hour or more a day to choose their own route? RepoRoute gives you the confidence the right addresses are being ran and they are producing income,” Eusebio continued.

“When did providing an update make you money? Repo agents do a job that most people in America would think of as impossible,” he went on to say. “RepoRoute lets the agent do what he thinks is ordinary, and it puts the fun back into what has become drudgery. Back end complexity that makes a program simple is magic, and RepoRoute makes rookies good and the experienced agent a superstar. RepoRoute was designed around the user experience first, and the technology that makes it magic was developed second.”

DayBreak Metro president James McNeil is another of the creators of RepoRoute.

“Instant routes for any level of agent, pure and simple,” McNeil said. “This is a game changer. I wish I had this when I was in the field.”

Eusebio insisted RepoRoute can solve dilemmas his operation faces and perhaps what other repo agencies are, as well.

“A problem existed that at its core had me convinced I couldn’t grow our company until it was solved,” Eusebio said. “The problem was Digital Dog's address portfolio had grown significantly year over year, with the number of possible addresses clients were expecting us to check doubling in the past few years.

“At the same time, the repossession percentages have been shrinking due to a variety of factors out of our control. This was creating significant challenges, and we knew if we didn’t change the direction of our company, and ultimately of our industry, our company and our industry would continue to struggle,” he continued.

The RepoRoute lead developer was Mike Marsh, who tried to craft a solution that met the needs industry leaders such as Eusebio described.

“RepoRoute’s tools, data visualization, analytics and routing capabilities empower drivers to make faster, more informed and more profitable decisions while simultaneously empowering agency owners with the ability to prioritize and manage an otherwise almost unmanageable portfolio of assignments and addresses,” Marsh said.

Also involved in developing RepoRoute was John Lewis, president of Intellaegis and masterQueue, who along with Eusebio has made multiple appearances at the Re3 Conference during Used Car Week.

“This has been an exciting project for us,” Lewis said. “RepoRoute is a natural extension of the skip tracing process as it relates to effective collateral recovery.

“To predict the future, you really have to understand what’s happened in the past, and once you have that in the form of data, then you can leverage that information in a variety of ways that will help the repossession industry become more efficient,” he continued.

The group is officially launching RepoRoute during NARS, which is expected to bring together more than 600 repossession agents. The NARS 2015 theme is “Money In The Bank: How to Make a Profit by Using the Building Blocks of Success.”

Lewis closed by pointing out how RepoRoute is geared to fit the event’s theme and beyond.

“None of us would be where we are in life without the repossession industry,” Lewis said. “And it’s time for us to give something back, and hopefully we can start the process through the products we’ve built for the industry that’s offered all of us so much.”

For more details about RepoRoute, watch this video or go to www.reporoute.com.