Revamped FNI platform can handle 100K applications per hour


Financial Network Inc. (FNI) said it is launching a new loan origination system platform in August. Among the new features, FNI highlighted the solution boasts additional data services, workbench screens and overall functionality.

The company also pointed out the platform contains a robust strategy engine that is capable of handling application peaks at 100,000 per hour.

“FNI has maintained a great reputation in the industry by listening to the customer needs, making continued improvements and operating alongside customers to create valuable partnerships that result in long-term relationships,” the company said.

“At FNI, we take great pride in our promise to give our customers what they need rather than what we already have,” the company continued. “With a wide range of customers that vary in size, we understand that it is impossible to build a system that fits all of our client needs, which is why we continue to have customized features as part of our extended offering.”

“FNI takes our customers’ needs seriously. Our core values haven’t changed over the 34 years we have been supporting customers, making FNI the choice lenders can trust,” the company went on to say.

The company’s revamped LOS system will arrive just a few weeks after FNI and F&I Express became integrated. The joint solution created a comprehensive auto finance platform that is used to originate compliant auto financing contracts with separate underwriting approval criteria, obtain accurate pricing of all aftermarket products for over 130 providers, and complete the contracting process electronically.

Through FNI, customers have access to F&I Express eContracting via single sign-on and will see the same user interface and navigation features currently available in their standard F&I Express log-in. All the capabilities of the eContracting solution have been integrated into FNI to provide dealers a single point of access.

The integration of F&I Express eContracting expands FNI's auto finance capabilities to give dealers the capability to electronically quote, price and complete contracts for aftermarket products.

“Combining the financing and aftermarket insurance contracting process creates a quick, seamless experience for dealerships and consumers,” F&I Express president and chief executive officer Brian Reed said. “The combination of F&I Express eContracting with FNI gives auto lenders the tools to meet customers' buying expectations while simplifying the financing process.”

FNI chief technology officer Nicholas Payne added, “FNI is dedicated to providing integration to the best third-party service offerings in the industry. F&I express will help our customers increase revenue while reducing decision time.

“Access to additional value-added services is a major consideration for many lenders who are looking to improve their Loan Origination Solution, and this partnership will allow FNI to continue to lead the market in efficient, automated lending solutions,” Payne went on to say.